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Welcome to Schlemmer Prozess Systeme!

We are an innovative and international established company in the field of measuring and control technology. We extend our know-how by the use of consistent enhancement and put it in our projects.

With our automation concepts, we offer integrated automation solutions to realize your customer specific automation requirement. We operate in all different kind of industry sectors and automate everything from the incoming goods department to the good issuing department.

We offer these services:
Analysis, consulting and optimization for new and old plants

analysis,consulting,optimization,plant,quality management,
  • Recording of existing plants and plant components
  • Optimization of closed loop controlled systems and control sequences
  • Design of customer-specific concepts for hardware and software upgrades
  • Selection of appropriate measuring equipment, sensor systems, controllers, PC’s, bus systems and process control systems
  • Quality management
  • Material management
  • Acquisition of quantities
  • Billing of Piecework pay
  • Service management
  • Measurements and process data acquisition
  • Consulting for plant optimization
Custom-made automation solutions
  • oncept design
  • Writing of bidding documents
  • Pre-planning and detail planning
  • Machine and robot controls
  • Controlling of procedural processes
  • Controlling of weighing, feeding and conveyance
  • Data bases  
  • Bus systems
  • Networks
  • Visualizations
  • Process control systems
  • Modeling of a wiring scheme
  • Construction of control cabinets
  • Software programming
  • Modeling of requirements specifications
  • Scheduling
  • Construction supervision
  • Project management
  • Extensive preliminary tests
  • Commissioning at our location and/or on-site
  • Error management

custom-made automation solutions
Extensive service for plant and operator personnel

extensive service for plant and operator personnel,commissioning,training,documentation,maintenance

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  • Calibration and adjustment of measurement and control equipment
  • Step by step commissioning and function tests of each plant component
  • Process optimization
  • Overall test
  • Malfunction simulation


  • Training for plant operators
  • Training for service staff


  • Wiring schemes, part lists and cable lists as book and on CD-ROM
  • Software on CD-ROM
  • Plant reference manual
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Drafting of articles

Maintenance and service

  • Upgrades
  • Spare part management
  • Remote maintenance
  • Analysis technology
  • Network technology

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